Friday, 18 May 2012

How to find out if your device is HDMI CEC capable?

If you have two or more devices with HDMI connector and you want to use HDMI-CEC standard to control your devices with one remote control, first you have to know if your device is HDMI-CEC capable. And how to find out?

Different trade names for HDMI CEC
There are different trade names for HDMI CEC, depending on who is the manufacturer of your device, so it doesn't have to be stated as HDMI-CEC. Find your manufacturer on this list and see how is it called for your device:

Samsung - Anynet+
Sony - BRAVIA Link or BRAVIA Sync
Sharp - Aquos Link
Hitachi - HDMI-CEC
AOC - E-link
Pioneer - Kuro Link
Toshiba - Regza Link or CE-Link
Onkyo - RIHD (Remote Interactive over HDMI)
LG - SimpLink
Panasonic - VIERA Link or HDAVI Control or EZ-Sync
Philips - EasyLink
Mitsubishi - NetCommand for HDMI
Runco International - RuncoLink

Now you have many ways to see if your device supports HDMI-CEC. First, take a look on your device's manual. It should be stated somewhere and also explained how to use this option. If you don't have user manual or you can't find anything, try googling your device's model with appropriate trade mark beside it. Be  persistent because sometimes it's not easy to find. If your trade mark doesn't get you results, try just with HDMI-CEC. If you can't find anything in your user manual and on the internet, your device probably doesn't support this standard.

HDMI-CEC on computers and laptops
You can use this standard even with computers. Furthermore, it can be very convenient if you have a HTPC or if you use your laptop/computer for watching movies (for example Windows Media Center, XBMC or other). You can control your computer with your TV's remote control and you can set up that your laptop shuts down or goes to sleep when you power off your TV or vice versa.

Now you have to find out if your computer/laptop supports this standard. Similar to other devices, you'll have to look in your user manual or google. Note that if you have a laptop you should first google your laptop's model with trade mark (mostly HDMI-CEC, except Toshiba) and be persistent. If you don't find anything, you can take a look in Device Manager which graphic card your laptop has and then google it's name and model with "hdmi cec" beside it.

But if you have a desktop computer you should skip directly to part two, with graphic card model, except if you have a personal computer with manufacturer and model.

Toshiba users: most Toshiba laptops with HDMI connector are HDMI CEC capable and it's called REGZA-Link!

What if you can't find anything for your laptop/computer?
There is one other way. If you're sure your TV or some other device is HDMI-CEC capable, turn off your computer and device. Connect them with HDMI cable and turn on both of them. Try to turn on controlling other device on your TV or another device and start Windows Media Center or some other audio player and try to control it with your TV's remote control.

I accidentally found out that my TV and laptop have this standard when I powered off my TV and my laptop went to stand by. Then I started googling about it and confirmed it.

If you wandered here and don't know what a HDMI CEC is, please consider reading this article.


  1. But if you have a desktop computer you should skip directly to part two, with graphic card model, except if you have a personal computer with manufacturer and modelhdmi cable

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    I just frond out from LG that their simplink is tailed for their brand devices only. I have a lg smart tv and it dosnt talk to my yamaha receiver, ps3 or wd tv. it is frustrating. LG is creating probles. I never had this issue with sony bravia ,toshiba regza or samsung tv. The teck support guy from LG care said that simplink is only for LD devices. guys, my personal recommendation is never buy LG TV is you have non lg HT or media players.

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